Causes of Diabetes Mellitus

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It is important that you know the causes of diabetes mellitus. If you know the causes then maybe you can avoid the products, the environment or the lifestyle that brings about the onset of this chronic and debilitating disease.

Generally speaking diabetes mellitus causes are associated with some sort of malfunction within the metabolic system. That is why diabetes mellitus affect the body’s ability to convert glucose into energy.

Knowing the facts about the causes of diabetes mellitus will help you the put all the myths to rest. The first one on the list is the idea that diabetes is caused by eating too much sweets. Yes I know that from childhood we have been told this one.

This diabetes myth has gone on for far too many years. It is definitely a myth because if it was a fact then all of us would be suffering from the symptoms of diabetes.

I can remember using all my lunch money at school to buy all kinds of sweets. However we have to remember that eating too many sweets and other unhealthy foods may make us fat or obese.

Being overweight or obese is one of the leading risk factors of developing type 2 diabetes. With type 1 diabetes diets have very little to do with the onset of it. Diets have it role to play as everyone can benefit from eating well balanced meals. A well balanced meal helps with diabetes management and control for all diabetics.

The fact is, for diabetes mellitus to occur there must be some sort of damage or abnormality to the pancreas. Diabetes may also be as a result of the way in which the cells of the body react to the hormone insulin or the type of insulin produced (it may be abnormal).

What exactly causes these malfunctions will be discussed individually under the relevant headings below. In that way I will be able to provide you with much more relevant information. Select the one you want to investigate first...


Cause of diabetes type 1

Type 1 diabetes is about the destruction of the beta cells.

Cause of diabetes type 2

Type 2 diabetes is more about the quantity and the type on insulin produced

Cause of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy. Why does it happen?

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