Diabetes and impotence – keeping it up longer and erectile dysfunction (ED) away

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Diabetes and impotence what is the relationship? Men with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction – the inability to maintain or to get an erection (impotence). This risk is increased if you do not control your diabetes properly. Every one want to be close and satisfy their partner but if you cannot get an erection then you may not be able to perform the sex act of intercourse.

Most men may experience short-term episodes of erectile dysfunction but the risk is much greater for diabetics.

Since we are talking about relationships lets continue. For there to be the perfect condition for an erection to occur there must be sensitivity in the penis and a good blood supply.

In diabetes mellitus the blood vessels will sometimes become damaged preventing the adequate supply of blood to the organ and Diabetes also cause damage to nerve endings which may lead to a lack of sensitivity in the penis. This combination is not very good if diabetics want to maintain an erection for intercourse and satisfying his partner.

There is even a third party to this impotence problem and it is more psychological than physical. If a man is unable to achieve an erection on a regular basis he may feel depressed and attached to himself a lack of self worth. If that bad feeling covers you then it will only make the problem much more complex and harder to treat.

It is not all bad news when it comes to diabetes and impotence there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The place to start if you want push that problem aside is to main a good blood glucose level. Uncontrolled diabetes is the fundamental cause of many complications of diabetes mellitus.

There are other simple things that you can do like: stop smoking, avoid drinking alcohol if you can, increase your physical activity and try to limit the stress you put on yourself. Also, if you can, do control your blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major contributing factor of impotence and it will expedite the onset of heart disease. I know these are harder said than done be give them a try- every journey starts with the first step.

The everyday causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by any number of physiological and psychological factors including:

  • Some medications may cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect
  • Stress, anxiety and nervousness may play its part
  • Relationship Problems – the stress of relationship break down
  • Poor health
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Some prostate operations
  • Low levels of the male hormone testosterone.

Physical erectile dysfunction occurs over a long period of time - months and years. If erections still occur spontaneously overnight or in the morning then the problem may be more psychological in nature.

Diabetes and impotence Treatment

The treatments for impotence will depend on the cause of the erectile dysfunction.

  • Psychological causes – The most common cause is stress therefore by treating the source of the problem the erectile dysfunction my go away.
  • Physiological causes – A number of treatments possible do exist. These possibilities depend on what was the physical cause. To alleviate the problem vacuum pump device, medications, or surgery are the options.

Diabetes and impotence Conclusion

Men with diabetes are more likely to develop erectile problems if their diabetes is properly controlled.

The longer the diabetes is not treated the more damage will be caused to the nerves and the circulatory system. The blood supply to the penis is linked to this circulatory system.

Better diabetes control equates a better chance of keeping it up for longer and keeps the problem away.

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