Diabetes and exercise - can regular exercise reduce the diabetes risk factors

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Diabetes and exercise – can regular physical activity help in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. According to researchers at the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland short but intense exercise every day or two may reduce the risk of developing diabetes.


People who have a higher than average risk of developing type 2 diabetes are those who are overweight and who are not physically active.


Type 2 diabetes is where people gradually lose the ability to use insulin, the hormone essential to convert glucose into energy accounts for the more than 90 percent of all cases of diabetes mellitus.


As the population gets older it increases the diabetic epidemic already gripping the population. Our modern lifestyle is probably to be blamed for perpetuating this problem.


Diabetes and exercise in our modern society

In our modern society everything is so convenient this forces people to be less active and eat more bad food fast making us much fatter and less active than previous generations.


The researchers at the university found that people can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 50%, simply doing an hour of moderate physical activity a day.


The physical activity does not have to be structured like joining a gym or an exercise class. You can fulfil this requirement by doing the things that you really enjoy – whatever it may be.


How to effortlessly incorporate diabetes exercise naturally in daily life?

It is very easy to include this function in your daily routine at it may include simple things such as walking up and down the stairs at work, getting off the bus one stop earlier than normal and walk the rest of the way or travel by pedal cycle.


The researchers conclude that moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, accumulated throughout the day, can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in women by nearly 50 per cent.


Activity may come from a variety of sources throughout the day: walking to the bus stop in the morning, when the stairs at work or running errands.


Physical activity helps reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in two different ways. First of all, exercise is often to reduce the weight. Obesity associated with a higher risk of developing diabetes, so losing weight reduces this risk.


Second, physical activity improves insulin sensitivity, when the body make better use of its own insulin supplied.


Exercise adds years to your life! It not only keeps you in shape, but you will feel better and enjoy life a lot more as a result. As well as a number of advantages above, by keeping you fit, exercise will help you stay independent.

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