Diabetic equipment: the life saving diabetes device for type 1diabetics.

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Diabetic equipment, why do diabetics need diabetes equipment? That question is easy to answer as the title suggested but let us start from the beginning.

Ok, here we go. In the beginning the body monitors and control the whole process from the food being in our stomach to the cells getting the glucose it needs for energy.

The food in the stomach is converted to glucose and release into the blood stream.

When the blood glucose levels rise the pancreas releases insulin to usher the glucose from the blood stream to the cells where it is needed for final conversion into energy to make us fit and strong.

What went wrong?

The pancreas malfunctions or in some cases totally stopped working. This may be very common but it is usually as a result of injuries to the pancreas caused by accidents. Other scientist claimed it is as a result of drinking cows’ milk at an early age. Who knows exactly? No one seems to have a clear understanding. Whatever the cause this is what now happens.

The once automatic process has now been switched off. Now it’s time for manual mode. I know manual sucks, even in cars – unless you are a boy or girl racer. Manual mode may not be the most liked thing but it has to be done just to stay alive.

As part of the arsenal to maintain our life and keep the onset of diabetic complications at bay we have to use certain diabetic equipment. These life-saving diabetic equipments are:

  • Blood Glucose Meters
  • Insulin Delivery Devices e.g. insulin pump
  • Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Monitors


There are more diabetes equipments but the ones listed above are just the main ones. Hopefully in the future there will be better diabetes devices to control diabetes. Better yet keeping our fingers cross a real cure would come on the scene the will totally eradicate the need for these diabetes equipments.


Until that time we hope they, the scientist, would invent other diabetes equipments that would be a bit more automatic so that we could concentrate on the important stuff- totally enjoying our life to the fullest without worrying about blood sugar levels.


There are some attempts recently at a cure for diabetes but nothing concrete. More information on this interesting topic will be provided on this site where you could read about the diabetes new research.


In future articles if time permits I will explain how to use the various equipments safely and effectively and how to care for your equipment so that it last a long time and function properly.


If you need the information quickly you could speak to your health care professional and they will give you some useful information.


If you are only experiencing the first signs of diabetic symptoms then it is important that you get the necessary information to take care of your health. We wouldn’t want you to have to experience all this hassle of fiddling with diabetic equipment.


It is life-saving but a real hassle and pain. It is horrible to be doing diabetes blood test every day. Hopefully you don’t have to in the near future.

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