Diabetes symptoms: symptoms of diabetes to reverse or control

Diabetes symptoms or the symptoms of diabetes should be identified early on so that the onset of diabetic complications could be prevented. The longer the symptoms and/or signs of diabetes goes undetected the more severe the complication of diabetes would be.

The problem is that these diabetic symptoms, especially during the pre diabetes phase, are so easy to go undetected. In fact most people with pre diabetes signs or symptoms don’t even know that they are suffering from symptoms of diabetes.

These symptoms can go undiagnosed for long periods of time because of the ease with which they can be mistaken for common everyday illnesses. Example a sudden weight loss could be as a result of extreme stress at work and not eating regular meals.

The great news is that by going through this your site you will be able to identify the some of the most common symptoms or signs of diabetes. This will definitely enable us to create a real buzz and take positive action to rid the world of this preventable chronic disease.

The beginning warning signs of diabetes should never be underestimated or ignored. The more severe the symptoms become the more severe will be the symptoms and signs. The symptoms will always become more and more severe until the chronic diabetes complications are eminent.

With the prospect of nerve damage, kidney damage, damage to the eyes and heart should make it clear that the symptoms of diabetes mellitus are definitely no joke.

To clarify the symptoms as much as possible I will summarise them under the headings of the different types of diabetes.

These diabetic symptoms are:

  • Pre diabetes symptoms - The symptoms of pre diabetes can sometimes be mild but will get more severe over time. If these remain untreated it will lead to diabetes mellitus type 2.
  • Type 1 diabetes symptoms - The symptoms of type 1 diabetes tend to occur really quickly typically over a few days or weeks. Children are especially at risk for this type of diabetes.
  • Type 2 diabetes symptoms - The symptoms of type 2 diabetes tend to occur over a longer period of time and tend to affect older people. However this trend is definitely changing.
  • Gestational diabetes symptoms - The symptoms and signs of this type of diabetes normally occur during pregnancy typically during the second trimester of pregnancy.

When you have personal experience of these deadly symptoms then you cannot set back and watch other people go through the same situation and do nothing about it.

I know if most people have the necessary information then they would make better choices. I will try to give as much information as possible. I want to give you this information as someone who has been through it and not just some scientist or some professional whose main aim is to fulfil their professional ambition. No one person have all the answers as a matter of fact your health is your responsibility.


When your medical team know that you are privy to diabetes information and are really concerned about your health then they will in turn give you more practical information to better help you to either control or reverse diabetes.

It is going to be challenging but what in life comes easy – you have to work for or at everything. More information on each diabetes types will be provided throughout the site – where possible I will provide useful links.

Remember the longer diabetes symptoms are not treated the greater the severity of the diabetic complications. You should be especially concerned if you display the risk factors of diabetes mellitus.

The main risk factors of diabetes symptoms are:

Heredity and the symptoms of diabetes

Heredity is one of the main risk factors that we cannot control – some people are just genetically predisposed to developing diabetes mellitus types. I guess you simply cannot change your jeans. Testing if you are really reading - you know what I mean genes not jeans.

Even I have lots of people in my family with diabetes – like my dad, granddad and a brother and now my mother. The saying that some people are just predisposed to diabetes is true.

Honestly I am scared sometimes since so many of my family members are afflicted by diabetes. Even though you are predisposed it does not mean that you will have it but you have to take certain precautions to protect your health.

What can I do about the symptoms of diabetes to prevent it happening to me?

I can ensure that I try as much as possible to reduce all the other risk factors that are within my control. A healthy lifestyle is definitely within our control. People who suffer from type 1 diabetes or child hood diabetes in most instances cannot do anything to prevent it but everyone else have it in their power to do something.

Type 1 diabetes is as a result of an auto immune reaction. That is, the body attacking itself. It has been assumed that cows’ milk during the early infancy could be a factor.

This type of diabetes is definitely not caused by eating too many sweets - eating all the right foods or exercising will not prevent it. However, eating a balance well proportioned diet and doing physical activity (exercise) will help in the management and control of this chronic disease.

The following risk factors are definitely within our control. Therefore the onus is on us to do whatever we can to prevent this preventable disease.


Obesity and the symptoms of diabetes

Greater weight, unless it is lean muscle, means there is a built up of fat in your body. Body fat interferes with the normal working of the insulin hormone. Remember that the insulin hormone is needed to enable the cells and muscle tissues in the body use glucose. The greater the body fat levels the greater the risk of insulin resistance.

Therefore it is important to note that reducing body fat would also mean a reduction in the risk of suffering from diabetes. Losing weight doesn’t have to be a pain. You can have a look at this site talking about the best way to lose weight by simply eating properly.


Poor/unhealthy diet and the symptoms of diabetes

Eating all the sugary food in the world and all the hydrogenated fats will not cause diabetes. However the unhealthy diet will cause you to gain weight. Getting fat or being obese as you know will not reduce diabetes risk factors instead it will increase your risk of developing diabetes.

This is because fat prevents insulin from working properly. Plus poor diets will starve you body of all the nutrients that it needs to function properly. A proper diet rich in fibre and low in carbohydrate could reverse, delay or even prevent diabetes.


Inactive lifestyle and the symptoms of diabetes

Inactivity or living a sedentary lifestyle is another of the diabetes risk factors. Inactivity will definitely along with poor diet cause obesity.

I am so tired of that word obesity because slim people do suffer from diabetes also.

We have to remember that obesity is one of the main risk factors of diabetes. Most of the other factors seem to lead to it.


Over eighty percent of all diabetics are overweight. Again fats interfere with the natural working of insulin, making you insulin resistant.

By exercising or doing physical activity for at least thirty minutes per day will reduce insulin resistance.

Exercise will cause the cells to use more glucose and so reduce blood glucose levels.

The other benefits are ok too like feeling so much better about you and looking great in your clothes.


Age: how it affect the symptoms of diabetes?

I know, everything seems to go wrong with age.

For some of my more mature audience, can you remember in your teens when you could eat ten hamburgers for lunch and never gain an ounce?


Now if you don’t eat properly you just put on the pounds. I guess that what they called growing up. The scientists believe that as we get older our organs ages as well and don’t work as they used to. So now we have to take better care of our health because with increased age we become prone to suffer from diabetes.


Most people who suffer from diabetes tend to suffer from diabetes symptoms at about the age of forty (younger if you are in a minority ethnic groups). Maybe the reason is inactivity, eating the wrong type of food, eating oversize food portions, or maybe we are just predisposed to diabetes.


It could even be a mixture of the above factors. The truth is no one knows for certain. Therefore we have to do what we can do to reduce all the diabetes risk factors by eating well and doing daily exercises. Daily exercise could include yoga, moderate walking or even a little salsa (side effect: it could spice up the love life).

Diabetes symptoms could be detected early if regular checkups by your health care team are done – it would be a good idea to do so.


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