Diabetes Symptoms Quiz: The Ten most common diabetes quiz questions

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Diabetes symptoms quiz is a great self assessment tool. It can be utilize to ascertain if you are at risk of suffering from symptoms of diabetes. Actually these same questions are among the many questions your health care professional may ask you on a visit to their office.


It is important to know if you are a diabetic early so that the onset of diabetic complications may be avoided.


The problem is that these diabetic symptoms, especially during the pre diabetes phase, are so easy to go undetected. They can be undiagnosed for a long period of time because of the ease in which they can be mistaken for common everyday illnesses. Example a sudden weight loss could be as a result of extreme stress at work.

Answer [yes] or [no] to the following symptoms of diabetes quiz questions:

1. Do you urinate more often than normal? Yes/no

2. Are you always feeling thirsty? Yes /no

3. Are you constantly feeling hungry or have an increased appetite? Yes/no

4. Do you often feel energetic? Yes/no

5. Do you often feel tingles or numbness in your hands and feet? Yes/no

6. Do you often experience blurred vision? Yes/no

7. Whenever you get cuts or bruises does it heal quickly? Yes/no

8. Do you often experience urinary tract infections (UTI)? Yes/no

9. If you are a man, do you frequently experience erectile dysfunction? Yes/no

10. If you are a woman, do you often experience vaginal yeast infections? Yes/no

It is great that you took the time and opportunity to assess your health by answering the above diabetes quiz questions.

By assessing yourself you are taking the first steps towards ensure your continued health and wellbeing. As the saying goes we have only one life and therefore we have to live it.


What is the point of long life without great health? Now, back to the questions, if the answers to three or more of the above questions are yes then it might be a good idea to visit your health care professional.


Please remember also that sometimes none of the symptoms are noticeable. If you think that you are at risk please visit your health care team.

The diabetes symptoms quiz is only a guide and the only certain way of assessing whether or not you have diabetes or pre diabetes is to consult your Doctor or licensed healthcare team.

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