What is diabetes mellitus?

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Knowing “what is diabetes mellitus?” could mean the difference between good health and poor health. Diabetes mellitus could be described as the inability of the body to maintain proper blood glucose levels. Your doctor will diagnose you as being diabetic if your blood sugar levels remain consistently high.

The hormone insulin plays a vital role in the glucose to energy conversion process. This hormone is produced by the pancreas in an area called the islets on langerhans.


What are the causes of diabetes?

The pancreas is situated just below the stomach and whenever we eat food the blood glucose levels rises and will continue to rise. This continual rise in the blood sugar will trigger the pancreas to produce the hormone insulin. Insulin will then act as a key to unlock the cells and the muscle tissues and let the glucose in.  In diabetes this process malfunctions and instead of the glucose being used by the cells and muscle tissues in remain in the blood stream.


What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Depending on what aspect of the glucose to energy conversion process that malfunctions or went wrong will determine the diabetes types. There are quite a few types of diabetes; the main ones are diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2 and gestational diabetes. For more information see the page on diabetes types.

What can be done about diabetes?

Diabetes is considered to be a lifestyle disease because in recent time it has become an epidemic. If you want to protect your health this book on the original diabetes reversal report offers some great solutions.

Reducing risk of diabetes

If you are obese – you are at an increased risk of developing diabetes. Thinking of gaining the perfect weight for your height then this ebook could offer some great solutions. It is called burn the fat feed the muscle.

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