First signs of diabetes - The Three Main Signs

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Don’t ignore the top 3 first signs of diabetes. Ok, you can ignore the signs and symptoms of diabetes at your own risk.

I know that talking about diabetes and the damaging effect it may cause on your health is not a sexy topic. Its not the topic of conversation that most people want to talk about. But diabetes is serious business and should not be taken lightly - actually it is an epidemic. The good news is that most times diabetes is actually preventable.

Your health is very important - you only have one body so you got to treat it right. The top 3 first diabetes symptoms to look out for are:

  • Frequent urination (polyuria)-this is the body’s way of trying to flush itself of the excess glucose in the blood.
  • Frequent thirst (polydipsia) -This is the body’s way of trying to correct the fluid imbalance caused by the excess urination.
  • Frequent hunger cravings (polyphagia)-This is the body’s way of trying to force you to eat something as the cells and muscle tissues are starving from lack of energy.

Why should I be concerned?

Yes, some of these signs may be noticeable but at the same time they can easily be misdiagnosed and treated as ordinary everyday ailment.

The bad news is when these diabetes symptoms are apparent the complications of diabetes may already be present. The longer the symptoms go without being treated the more damaging the complications. If you suspect that you may be suffering from diabetes - talk to your health care professional immediately.

As mentioned before, these symptoms of diabetes can easily be confused and be misdiagnosed. Click on the links - it will take you to another page where examples and further explanation could be obtained.

The symptoms listed above are only the main three signs and symptoms of diabetes. Other signs could be seen under the link diabetes symptoms.

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